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Zhou Lin, CEO & Founder of Anda Seat, is fanatic about Macau Grand Prixf - professional racing event for motor enthusiasts. He started up our company as a manufacturer of sport car seats for luxury cars - BMW and Mercedes Benz. Benefits from our factory's strong production capacity and strict quality control, our company gradually has been a well-know sport brand offering seat solutions for sport and racing cars. We are the Official Partner of our coutry's National Football Team.

We are the Sole Seats Supplier for the National Volleyball League. We sponsor Top Football Clubs, Racing Clubs and and world wide Esport Teams...

Chairs being favored and appreciated, company being invited by partners as Esports has been a growing industry, we shifted towards gaming chairs and announced our own Esport Brand- Anda Seat! With all the expertise accumulated in car racing & sports, Anda Seat dedicates to offering esports chairs to 50+ countries customers with the missions to provide professional, healthy and comfortable gaming experiences.

Anda Seat now is the world leading gaming chair brand.

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