Formulated for mental performance, Beyond is a supplement made for the digital generation as we head into a new era of connectivity. A unique blend of nootropic ingredients combined with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and natural caffeine. Simply add 300–600ml of water to taste, shake and enjoy.

Beyond NRG provides an incremental release in energy using naturally sourced caffeine, combined with our unique combination of nootropics, vitamins, and minerals. We’ve only included ingredients that can make a real difference to mental performance.

During our quest to create the best focus & energy drink, we realised something. What if we could make a pre-workout but for non-physical activity? Put your brain into the right gear, with a rush of natural energy and zero crash. If you’re a streamer looking for a boost on long sessions, a competitive gamer that needs to sharpen up focus, or just to kickstart your long day at the office. Beyond NRG is made for you.

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