Chess is one of the oldest games to still exist today and be played at the highest competitive levels. Most historians believe that chess originated 1500 years ago in India and quickly spread to Persia where it gained prominence. Chess was taken up by the Muslim world and spread to the Southern European region in the 15th Century. The game takes place on a square chessboard with an eight-by-eight grid of 64 squares. The game is played between two players, where one assumes the control of white pieces and the other controls the black pieces. Whichever player is able to Checkmate the opponent's King wins the game; however, the game can also end up in a draw based on a number of different rules. Chess turned into a competitive sport in the 1800’s as the Romantic era of chess gave way to a modern era. Prominent tournaments were held in the 1800’s throughout Europe. Eventually, rules for tournaments also evolved, leading to games and plays being timed.

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